How Robert Agarobe Built A Multi-Million Kina Helicopter Company With Only a Tool Box and K400

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Executive Series: How Robert Agarobe Built A Multi-Million Kina Helicopter Company With Only a Tool Box and K400

Despite being one of the most recognizable and reputable names and wealthy individuals in PNG business community today, Robert Agarobe started from almost nothing but a big bold audacious dream and a brutal dose of determination.

Robert Agarobe has Received Award For Services To Aviation [Photo by Robert Agarobe]

“My business life started when I was about six years old when I used to hire out my hand-me-down bicycle from my sister late Nanai Perry for 20 cents for a ride around the coconut tree in my line of sight”

As young Robert grew up, his desire for the business grew even stronger.

Driven by an insatiable hunger for success, Robert sacrificed his school holidays working.

“I did part-time work during my school holidays at Boroko Car Wrecker that use to be where SP brewery is now”

His boss gave him a Suzuki motorcycle he recalls

But he needed to keep the motorcycle going.

Being the industrious young man he is, Robert did what a smart young man could do, proving to himself that he was destined for greater things.

“I borrowed a book from the town library where Deloitte Tower is now, the book was on normal aspirated engines, and using this got the motorcycle going.

"I used the bike for a good part of my high school days. On the weekends and holidays I charged my elderly uncles and aunts K1.00 to pick up and drop them off at their gardens" he said.

After high school, Robert attended his aircraft engineering studies at Port Moresby Technical College through an apprenticeship program and graduated as an aircraft maintenance engineer in 1987.

He then went on to work for every helicopter company in the country before moving overseas for further studies and work only to return home to PNG in 1996.

The following year, 1997, Robert started Helifix, which is short for Fix Helicopters. Helifix has grown to be an extremely successful company in PNG.

“Helifix grew from its humble beginnings from a toolbox and K400, and grew to what it is today”

He didn’t wait for the government. He didn’t wait for an investor with millions of kina to start his business. Instead, he rolled up his sleeve, opened his toolbox, and got his fingers dirty right away.

Dream, determination, and consistency saw Robert build a multi-million-kina company from nothing but a toolbox and K400 in his pocket.

Helifix has contributed immensely to nation-building in construction work, medivacs, oil and gas support, exploration, seismic operations, police, defense, training, and everyday charter work for their everyday clients and has flown thousands of hours in all conditions with a very high safety record.

Robert retired from Helifix and was elected into parliament as the governor of Central province in 2018.

In recognition of his services in the Aviation industry and Business, Robert was awarded the Logohu Award by PNG government.

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