Be guardians of Democracy, Young aspiring Divine Word University Students Told

 Young aspiring Communication Art Journalism students at Papua New Guinea's Divine Word University were encouraged to be guardians of democracy, promoting a free press and a free media, during the Media Freedom Day, celebrated this week. 

Mr Damian Wampler, US Embassy Public Affairs Officer [Photo by DWU]

This year’s theme, ‘Journalism under Surveillance,’ had guest speakers explore the theme and a panel session allowed for interesting conversations among the students and panelists.

Mr Damian Wampler, US Embassy Public Affairs Officer, commended Journalism students for choosing a profession that was very challenging and one which required taking risks and uncovering the truth. “It’s a dangerous and challenging job but it’s the most important job in this century, it is the most important job to be the guardians of truth,” said Mr Wampler.

According to UNESCO’s Observatory, 1521 journalists have been killed since 1993. On average, journalists are either killed in line of duty or murdered every five days for speaking the truth and often, the truth remains uncovered. In many countries, Journalists are also abducted, harassed, intimidated, illegally arrested and detained without reason. 

Year one Journalism students; dramatized the realities of such events sending out a message about importance of being the voice of the voiceless. In the peak of this year’s 2022 Papua New Guinea Elections, the audience were reminded about the influences of corruption, power, and greed. The drama was not only a reminder for journalists but for all people at every level of society to be aware of these challenges and to not accept bribes or corruption but to live with honesty, practicing work ethics and integrity.

Also speaking at the event were Mr Frank Genaia, General Manager for Post Courier and Ms Annette Sete, CAD43 Limited representative and Businesswomen; Owner of Maku Gifts and Lavagal. They both highlighted the importance of work ethics and integrity. 

Mr Genaia, encouraged students to learn as much as possible by getting down to the basics. He highlighted this because of the concern in standards dropping in the PNG Media landscape. 

“What you do here in Divine Word University will reflect what you portray and how you perform within the workplace,” he said.

Ms Sete also pointed out the significance of good work ethics and attitude. She encouraged students to be punctual and to be guided by good values. 

Media Freedom Day is an event celebrated annually on the 3rd of May to commemorate Freedom of Press, Freedom of Media. Journalists throughout the world are commemorated for their service to democracy. Journalists at Divine Word University’s Communication Arts Department, celebrated this event on the 6th of May this year, commemorating the significance of “a Free Press and a Free Media” in Papua New Guinea.

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