Jacqueline Gabi receives IBS University Excellence Award in Business and Management

Jacquelien Gabi has received an Excellence Awards from the IBSU University. The university congratulated Jacqueline for her achievement. 

Jacqueline Gabi
Jacqueline Gabi receives IBS University Excellence Award in  Business and Management [Photo by IBS University] 

"IBS University congratulates Jacqueline Gabi, a mother of six children from Marshall Lagoon in Abau, Central Province, for receiving the Excellence Award in the School of Business and Management. Jacqueline is an employee of the Bank of Papua New Guinea who graduated with a Bachelor in Business and Management last May 6th.

“I have been an employee of the Bank of Papua New Guinea for 22 years, with amazing leaders, and under BPNG’s sponsorship, I have come to study at IBSUniversity. I am very thankful for this opportunity. I last attended Goroka Business College, and it was 20 years ago until 2017 when I started with IBSUniversity. Being a mum of six, playing that motherly role in fairness to my studies has been a challenge. Being the recipient of the Excellence Award in the School of Business and Management, I am excited, proud, and amazed to achieve this milestone. Despite the Covid- 19 pandemic, the university succeeded in making our learning possible. We have also witnessed the university finally receiving its recognition from DHERST, and now school leavers can enjoy their studies here. These successes take dedication, determination, focus, and hard work.”

The Take

By Gordon Sailas

Life often shifts between feeling like you have it all figured out and feeling like you know nothing at all. There are always challenges, whether it’s with building a strong career, a happy home, or a better you, but the one constant is that you never stop learning.

Fortunately, every experience (whether good or bad) ends up teaching you something you can use going forward. The beauty of life is in the opportunities that appear just when you need them (not necessarily when you want them).

If you make it a goal to never stop learning, you will remember that the journey is a series of new starts that make you wiser and stronger each time. Let this inspiring story from a mother and great achiever show us the value of continuing to learn throughout our life.

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