From Security Guard to Mining Engineer, Story of Joshua Pim

Story of  Joshua Pim 

There is no such thing like failure. #inspiration 

I flew down to Port Moresby in November 2014 after I completed my grade 12 and lived with my older brother. I (Joshua Pim) applied to PNG Unitech  for Mining Engineering[through the Grad3 e 12 school leavers form]  but I wasn't accepted because I got C grade in physics and D grade in geology. I was disappointed as I wasn't accepted and I started recalling all my struggles and the worst one that kills me was I wake up at 06:00am from Imbiki to Kinabuga Primary School without breakfast and lunch when I was too small to start my school as there was no one to take up that responsibility. 

Joshua Pim
 From Security Guard to Mining Engineer [Photo by Joshua Pim]

I started finding ways to be isolation because I don't want my friends to see me as failurer. They offered me a taxi for running a taxi service in the city but I refused because I want to study as a thought of struggles kills me. 

I joined G4S security service because that the only place I could isolate myself from friends. While on duty, I was thinking of upgrade C & D grades on my certificate. I went to DODL center at Gerehu Secondary school and bought matriculation books and continued my study. I completed my matriculation study in 2016 and again I applied to unitech for mining engineering. Finally, I was accepted and that's how I have gone through. 

I want to tell those who are not accepted through formal education that failure is just one part of your journey.  

FAIL means:

F = First 

A = Attempt 

I = In

L = Learning 

Therefore, never give up.

You will always see hope and concur your dream when you have an attitude of NEVER GIVE UP. This world is for those who work hard.

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