Vilousa Hahembe flies the flag for Papua New Guinea at Unite 2030 in New York

 Vilousa Hahembe continues to fly the flag for Papua New Guinea as she takes part in Unite 2030 in New York. Unite is a program where like-minded young leaders have come together to tackle the various social challenges impacting the world.

 Vilousa Hahembe continues to fly the flag for Papua New Guinea[Graphics : Kina Bank]

As part of the program, Vilousa has teamed up with three other young leaders to pitch their ideas at the UN General Assembly. After an intense week of brainstorming at a camp in Echo Lake, it’s now time to present to the judging panel. The criteria = innovation, creativity, and feasibility.

Vilousa Hahembe in New York, USA [Photo by Vilousa ]

Kina Bank couldn’t be prouder to support Vilousa as she represents the entire nation of PNG on the global stage. Vilousa is feeling very confident in her team’s solution!

Upon finishing her time in New York Vilousa is looking forward to returning to PNG and sharing her learnings, she believes we can all be changemakers in our community.

..Kina Bank..

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