Empowering Women in Construction and Engineering: Marsha Aruani's Journey

 In 2023, the Australian High Commission in PNG launched the groundbreaking Construction and Engineering Graduate Program for Women. Among the select few chosen, Marsha Aruani, a recent Bachelor of Architecture graduate from the PNG University of Technology, embarked on this transformative two-year initiative within Australia’s Economic and Social Infrastructure Program.

The four Construction and Engineering Graduate Program for Women participants: Amanda Kiap, Esther Isimel, Marsha Aruani and Janal Numapo. [Photo by Australian High Commission PNG]

Four months into the program, Marsha and her peers are not just accumulating knowledge but actively contributing to Australian-funded infrastructure projects that are pivotal for PNG's development. Their involvement spans critical electrification upgrades, market renovations, and the construction of a brand-new health facility.

Marsha's enthusiasm radiates as she expresses, "Every day, I am learning so many new things." Her journey has been filled with diverse experiences, from mastering technical tools to designing layouts for solar battery systems and deciphering construction blueprints. Attending stakeholder meetings has offered her insights into the intricate coordination necessary for successful project execution.

Expressing her gratitude, Marsha stated, "I am honored and privileged to be part of this great team dedicated to delivering infrastructure services to areas, places, and people that need it most."

This pioneering graduate program acknowledges the increasingly pivotal role women play in PNG's construction and engineering landscape. Its core objective is to empower graduates like Marsha, equipping them to bolster PNG's development and fuel its expanding economy. Moreover, this initiative aligns with Australia's commitment to investing in vital economic and social infrastructure across PNG. Through the program, Marsha and her fellow graduates are not just learning but actively contributing to the transformation and progress of their nation.

Australian High Commission/StudyinPNG 

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