Jobs at Western Pacific University : Deputy Registrar

 OFFICE/DIVISION: Office of the Vice President, Academic Affairs/Registrar

  • POSITION TITLE: Deputy Registrar
  • LOCATION: lalibu, Western Pacific University

Immediate Supervisor: Registrar

Subordinates: Colleagues in the Office

Coordinates with: Registrar, Heads of Departments, Students and Colleagues


The Deputy Registrar reports to the University Registrar, is an integral member of the leadership

team of the Office of the Registrar, leading the implementation of the Registrar's directives, and

providing coverage and contingency planning for the Registrar, contributes to the University's

strategic objectives to provide an excellent educational experience for its students through delivery

of administrative and academic functions and services which support the student and academic

lifecycle. It supports effective and efficient organizational design and structures, the development of

vice online services, systemson, maintenance ative rene records ed promotiel as studensit

academic success.


1. The position deputizes for the Registrar and under the direction of the Registrar, takes

responsibility for and directs critical student administration and service activities of the Division;

2. Contribute to the development, implementation and systematic review of operational plans and

systems initiatives which support the strategic objectives of the Division and the University;

3. Ensure delivery of high-quality services, information and run high quality events for students and

staff of the University;

4. Organize, administer, maintain and report student records on registration data, grades, transcripts,

progression and graduation eligibility and exit information of all students in accordance with the

University's guidelines;

5. Ensure ongoing compliance with relevant governance requirements relating to student

administration, including identifying and managing risks as appropriate, in particular those relating to

work health and safety and equal opportunity;

6. Prepare GPA data and identify Honor Roll, High Honors and Academic Probation student

categories each semester for presentation to the Registrar, Vice President, Heads of Departments as


7. Collaborate with all administrators, faculty, and IT staff for improved services to students on

course changes and student/faculty inquiries on academic transcripts;

8. Manage students' financial records for presentation to the Registrar and the Bursar;

9. Provide team leadership in the Division and oversee its operations and manage the employees and

daily office matters;

10. Perform other duties as required, consistent with the classification of the position and in

accordance with the principle of multiskilling.


1. Preferably a Bachelor's degree in Business Management or IT essential;

2. Proven record in academic, student service or administrative roles.

3. Working experience with Uni10 and Stat-P in student admin of a university for 2 or 3 years;

4. Understanding of technology applications related to records and data management processes for

academic requirements;

5. Experience with Microsoft Office applications essential preferably in data management;

6. Skills requirement include; 0 Excellent oral, interpersonal, and written communication skills; O

Problem-solving capability; 0 Capacity for prioritizing conflicting demands; 0 Acuity for balancing the

normal demands of a range of work and responsibilities without disruption to other team members or

school staff; U Ability to gather facts and to analyze situations objectively, accurately, and in an

organized fashion; U Solid critical thinking skills to understand student and staff issues; 0 Excellent

listening and questioning skills; • Attentive to details and deadlines; 0 Positive attitude and ability to

plan and adapt to change; • Ability to collaborate effectively with various departments and cross-

functional teams.

How to apply 

Interested applicants can send their applications via email to before or by Friday 16th February, no later than 4:06pm.

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