Revolutionizing Medical Education: Dr. Clement Morris Manineng's Impact on PNG's Healthcare Landscape

 In a groundbreaking effort to reshape medical training in Papua New Guinea (PNG), Dr. Clement Morris Manineng, Dean of the Divine Word University (DWU) Faculty of Medicine and Health Science and a distinguished Australia Awards alumnus, has emerged as a driving force behind transformative initiatives to expand medical training opportunities within the country.

Revolutionizing Medical Education: Dr. Clement Morris Manineng's Impact on PNG's Healthcare Landscape [Photo by Australian High Commission PNG}

Dr. Manineng's influential advocacy played a pivotal role in the legislative change of 2021, resulting in the enactment of the Medical Registration (Amendment) Act 2021. This historic legislation not only officially recognized DWU as PNG's second medical training institution but also paved the way for significant advancements in medical education across the nation.

Since DWU's designation as a medical training institution, nearly 60 medical officers have successfully graduated from its medical school. This surge in qualified professionals has made a tangible impact on strengthening PNG's health sector workforce.

Highlighting the achievements, Dr. Manineng stated, "A substantial portion of our graduates have assumed roles at ANGAU Memorial Hospital – the second largest hospital in PNG." This underscores the tangible outcomes resulting from Dr. Manineng's leadership in expanding medical training initiatives.

In yet another milestone, Dr. Manineng secured an Australia Awards grant in 2023, paving the way for a strategic partnership between DWU and James Cook University. This collaboration aims to enrich DWU's medical curriculum, solidifying the academic alliance between the two institutions and contributing to the ongoing evolution of medical education in the region.

Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Clement Morris Manineng, the landscape of medical training in PNG is undergoing a revolutionary transformation, leaving a lasting impact on the nation's healthcare sector.

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