How to Report Corrupt Officials from the PNG teachers Salaries and Payroll division of Education Department

 Corruption is so rampant at the Salaries/payroll sections of the Education department and necessary steps are being taken to address this issue. The payroll division is the section where salaries and allowances for teachers  throughout Papua New Guinea are processed every pay day. The selection

looks after the following . 

  • Teachers salaries
  • Payrolls for new teachers
  • retirements
  • leaver fares
  • allowance/ boarding duty/ disadvantage allowance, teacher in charge and many others. 
Now it has come to surface that officers from the teachers salaries section are involved in inducement and accepting briberies from teachers to process entitlements. 
Payrolls officers at the education department have been accused of accepting bribery do simple clerical work for the teachers entitlements or  to attend to pay quiries.   Many teachers have reported that salary officers are asking money before their pay queries are attended to.  Payroll officers have been asking teachers the following. 

  • Lunch money (transferred through their accounts if outside of Port Moresy)
  • Buai money
  • Pocket money
  • Processing fees
  • Fast Processing fees. 
  • lunch etc. 
This is unacceptable and its is against the Job Description (JDs). Any officer seeking bribery must be reported to the authorities. 

How to Report Payroll Officer 

The education department is taking steps to  address the issue.  A statement was released by the Department recently on this matter. 

The public including the teachers are urged to report any corruption payroll officials accepting bribery. 

When lodging your complain, include the following. 
  • Name of the Officer
  • Amount requested by the officer
  • For what activity 
  • date
  • your contacts/ names
  • You school /Province
Note: Your name will be kept confidential.

Any teacher who is asked by any public servants to pay inducements charges and service fees must report this to the First Assistant Secretary - Finance services on 

Mobile Phone number : 79116261
email : 

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