Sonoma Adventist College Courses and Entry Requirements

 Study in Papua New Guinea. Study at Sonoma Adventist College. All welcome to the Sonoma Adventist College. The Sonoma Adventist college is located in East New Britain Province of Papua New Guinea. 

The college is founded in a rural setting surrounded by nature. It is a peaceful and serene environment a healthy distance away from the city that allows students to focus on their education within a campus environment but yet with easy access to the city each week. 

Study at Sonoma Adventist College
Study at Sonoma Adventist College. Photo credit. Sonoma Adventist College

The campus has in built student accommodation for male and female students as well as married student quarters.  A large field for sports activities, a farm, library, and classrooms are spread across a lush green campus.

The college as the following accreditation 

  • Sonoma Adventist College programmes are accredited by the Papua New Guinea Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST).
  • Sonoma Adventist College is also accredited by the Adventist Accreditation Association (AAA) which is a part of the larger worldwide Adventist Church body that is responsible for the accreditation of Adventist Institutions worldwide.
The college is affiliated with Pacific Adventist University (PAU)  and offers the Advanced Diploma in Ministry, the Advanced Diploma of Business, the Bachelor of Education (Primary) and the Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) at Sonoma through this affiliation.

Sonoma Adventist College currently mirrors the graduate attributes of Pacific Adventist University which are as follows:
  1.  Knowledgeable and skilled in their field of study.
  2.  Critical thinkers with strong reasoning abilities who are skilled at identifying, gathering, evaluating and using information.
  3.  Effective oral and written communicators who are able to successfully collaborate with others.
  4.  Committed to exemplary personal and professional ethical standards.
  5.  Focused on service and who value every person as created in the image of God
  6.  Committed to following Jesus Christ.

Course Programs at Sonoma Adventist College 

The Sonoma Adventist college offers the following course programs. 
  • Advance Diploma of Agriculture
  • Advance Diploma of Business
  • Advance Diploma of Building & Construction
  • Advance Diploma of Ministry and Theology
  • Bachelor of Education - Early Childhood
  • Bachelor of Education - Primary 

Entry Requirements for Sonoma Adventist College 

The entry requirement for Sonoma Adventist College falls into two categories. 
  1. School Leavers 
  2. Non School Leavers
For School Leavers, you must have the minimum requirement of  GPA of 2.2, with a minimum of C grade in all subjects, preferably B in Language and Literature (English).

For Non School Leavers, With Matriculation, for all programs 

Minimum GPA of 3 in the 8 matriculation  subjects, which are
  •         Mathematics 1
  •          Mathematics 2
  •          English 1
  •          English 2
  •          Plus any four other subjects from 
  •           science or humanities
Bachelor Of Education (Primary & Early Childhood)Programmes
Degree applicants for the Bachelor of Education (Primary) and Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) degrees must normally have successfully completed the requirements for the Sonoma Adventist College Diploma of Teaching (Primary) and (Early Childhood) with a cumulative grade point average of 2.2. Such applicants will be granted advanced standing for 50% of the requirements of the Bachelor of Education (Primary) and (Early Childhood) programmes and will have their academic credit transferred to the new award. Students who have successfully completed the requirements for a Diploma of Teaching (Primary) and (Early Childhood) at other recognized Institutions in Papua New Guinea, may be granted up to 50% advanced standing.  Students must complete a further two further years of study to meet the requirements of the degree. Admission to the degree is by invitation.

Applicants must also have completed a minimum of one full year of teaching employment experience in a primary school and will be required to demonstrate competency in basic computing skills.

Diploma applicants who wish to gain admission into the Diploma of Teaching (Primary) and (Early Childhood) must have achieved a Papua New Guinea Matriculation HSC (Higher School Certificate) with a minimum upper C level pass in 4 subjects, including English and Mathematics. (Minimum GPA of 2.00.) Applicants to the Diploma of Teaching (Primary) and (Early Childhood) programmes from other countries must meet the same criteria as other undergraduate admissions.

How to Apply - Non School Leavers Application Forms

Any students who wish to study at Sonoma Adventist College must fill the Non school leaver forms. Current students can apply through the school leavers forms.  Below are the required documents you should send with your Non Schoo Leaver Documents. 
  1. Application Letter Original: Handwritten and signed by the applicant (Form must be received on or before 31/08/20)
  2.  Curriculum Vitae (CV) Original: Includes – personal details, education (primary, high school, etc.), activities when not in school, work experience, skills, 2 referees
  3.  Birth Certificate (Copy) CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH ENTRY that bears the stamp of the Registrar-General of PNG or The BIRTH REGISTRATION FORM that bears the stamp of the Civil Registry Office
  4. Identification Photograph Your current passport-sized photograph signed at the back by you and your referee
  5. PNG HSC or PNG USSC  (PNG grade 12 certificate)  Send a copy but original must be presented at registration. Ask a church pastor or a community  leader to confirm (by signing below) that the PNG grade 12 certificate that you are sending to  Sonoma is a true copy of the original certificate. Name: ________________________ Signature: ____________________ Date:_______________
  6. Transcript of Record For applicant who does not have a PNG grade 12 certificate. GPA: ___________________
  7.  Medical Certificate Original: Written and signed by a practicing medical doctor (current).
  8. Character References (2) Original: church leader and community leader (inside sealed envelopes); use the 2 forms provided.
  9. School Fee Guarantee Letter Written and signed by your sponsor. [Note: 2020 School Fee: Ag K12, 900; Buldg K12, 900; Bus  K12, 900, Min K13, 767; B Ed, K13, 767. 2021 school fee may be different.
  10. Application Fee Receipt  The application fee is K30; if you are required to take the Entrance Test (English), then you pay  K7.00 for the test. Deposit it in the bank: Account Name, Sonoma Adventist College; A/C #:  Westpac Bank: 0290 1178 403; Bank South Pacific: 305 1000 689 124
  11. Accommodation A married applicant should provide a confirmation letter from the host about accommodation.
You can download the Application form on the official Website

Sonoma Adventist College Contact Addresses 

Administrative  & Registrar’s Office 

Reena Senau
Phone: (675) 9821782 #214

Business Office 
Dawzeena Toba

Student Finance
MarieAnne Aita
Phone: (675) 9821782 #212

Source : Sonoma Adventist College 

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