Caritas Technical Secondary School receives books from Singapore

 THE Caritas Technical Secondary School in Port Moresby , Papua New Guinea has received a donation of more than 1,000 books from the Tanglin Trust School in Singapore.

Mia Bray, the school’s library skills teacher and a former teaching assistant at Tanglin, said the updated books would greatly benefit female students.

Caritas Technical Secondary school.
Caritas Technical Secondary School receives books from Singapore. Photo by Caritas Technical Secondary school.

Bray said the books would expose them to the outside world.

“Most of this books are very expensive and it’s such a great opportunity for our school to have received them through this generous donation,” she said.

“The country only has a few bookshops.”

Bray believes that one book, one pen and one teacher could change the world and hoped the books would change the students’ lives.

School principal Wilma Kalimet said they needed to update library books.

“This kind of drive really helps increase the learning capacity of our students,” she said.

“Teachers can read resource materials to impart updated knowledge in the classroom.”

Kalimet also thanked the Pacific Energy Consulting Ltd for organising and funding the shipment of the books from Singapore to PNG.


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