PNG Examination Results, Grade 11 Selections and Tertiary Selections for 2023

 This is an update of information we  at STUDY IN PNG received from the PNG Education Department  regarding the 2022  Examinations Results for Grade 8, 10 and 12, Grade 11 selections for 2023, certification, NOAS Grace Period and Tertiary selections for 2023.

PNG Examination Results, Grade 11 Selections  and Tertiary Selections  for 2022
PNG Examination Results, Grade 11 Selections  and Tertiary Selections  for 2022

According to the Department of Education, the processing and publishing of Examination Results are done through the Measurement Services Division (MSD) in Port Moresby.  The department says the examinations for Grade 8, 10 and 12 were completed successfully in October and November this year.  The marking of the examination scripts were completed as well.  

Processing of Examination Data. 

  • Grade 8 Examination Results 2022. 

The Grade 8 Examination Results have been processed by each provincial education board through the Provincial Examination Supervisor (PES). All Grade 8 examination results have been processed and completed. These results are now being used by provincial Education Board  to do Grade 9 Selections. Grade 8 Certificates have been printed and issued  to schools. 

Grade 8 Examination Results are not published online and students and parents are to see their respective provincial education board to see their results and to collect their school certificates. 

  • Grade 10 Examination Results 2022 

The processing of Grade 10 Examination results are done by the MSD in Port Moresby. According to the MSD, Grade 10 examination data have been processed and quality checks were done and results published online. 

The results are now published online and available for viewing by students. Grade 10 students will need their Name and Candidate numbers to login online to view their results. (you can check out steps to access Grade 10 Examination results online

Grade 11 Selection : Grade 11 selections have been completed and the selection results are  published online .  The school principals in each secondary school participated for Grade 11 selections. (Check out this link to view the selection results : Grade 11 selection List for 2023) 

  • Grade 12 Examination Results 2022

According to the Education Department, the marking of Grade 12 Examinations was been completed successfully.  The Measurement Services has released the Examination results online. The processing of results went through: 

  1. Data Entry
  2. Data Processing 
  3. Quality check
  4. Release of Marks (Publication of Marks online)
  5. Tertiary selections.
Grade 12 Results are now available online  how to view Grade 12 Examination Results online


All school certificates have been printed and distributed to schools in the country 

NOAS Grace Period and Tertiary Selections 

The NOAS (National Online Application System) is an online database run by the Department of High Education, Research , Science and Technology (DHERST). The system is used to to do the following

  • Register Grade 12 students bio data
  • Register School bio data including teachers and their subject specialists
  • Holds electronic Student Leaver Forms 
  • processes student Choices for Tertiary Studies
  • selects students electronically based on GPA to tertiary institutions. 
NOAS Grace Period : This is the period, usually a week set for Grade 12 students to make final changes (if necessary) to their choices in the NOAS before the system is locked down for tertiary selections. This is done after Education Department Department publishes the Grade 12 results online and students have seen their results. 

Note : Grace Period allows students to make changes on the NOAS after they have seen their Grade 12 results. 

Results will be declared on Wednesday 21st December, 2022

Important Notice 

 If you see red highlight indicated in any of your five choices under “My Choices”, this means that your final result has not met the minimum program requirement set by the institution. Therefore, you must change the red highlighted choice to a different program that is available in your program list.

If you continue to have red highlight even you made changes to your Choices, consider yourself unsuccessful. This means you have not met the required GPA to enter any tertiary institutions in PNG. The only hope is to enrol at FODE centers to upgrade your marks. 

NOTE: NOAS does not display your final grades and GPA. If you wish to view your final results during the grace period, visit MSD’s website For further assistance, do check MSD, your school principal or subject teachers to assist you.

If you are located in a remote area, you are strongly advised to move to an area where there is good network coverage two days prior to the grace period. This is to avoid the situation of you missing the grace period. Please note that grace period dates will remain as it is.

Important Dates

1.       NOAS grace period:    Tuesday 12th December – Friday 15th December 2022

2.       Launching of 2022 selection for 2023 academic year:    16th  December 2022

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