How to Apply for Tertiary Institutions in PNG Through the NOAS

This post details information for SCHOOL LEAVERS (Current Grade 12s). It outlines the aspects of using the National Online Application System (NOAS) for tertiary studies. 

What is NOAS? 

The Department of Higher Education, Research , Science and Technology (DHERST) runs the National Online Application System (NOAS) for Grade 12 School leavers. This is the online version of the  School Leaver Form (SLF). All Grade 12 students sitting the National Examinations MUST fill the online  SLF forms through the NOAS. 

How to Apply for Tertiary  Institutions in PNG Through the NOAS
How to Apply for Tertiary  Institutions in PNG Through the NOAS

The Advantage of using the NOAS

  • Courses programs and their requirements are clearly stated in the system
  • Many choices on the fields of study and Institutions are available
  • make changes to the choices anytime.
  • easily accessible on mobile phones and computers connected to internet
  • Students are notified instantly of the results of choices after selections are completed. 
  • Access to the system is anywhere in the world. 

  • Internet is not available in rural settings (schools) 
  • Costly 
  • Tech Anxiety 

How to Access NOAS?

Every year, DHERST supplies the  login credentials (Username and Passwords) to all the Grade 12 Students sitting the national examinations throughout the country. This happens between July and October annually.  It is recommended that  every Grade 12 student must have an account in the NOAS. 
  • Login  to NOAS system once you get your user credentials from DHERST. 
  • Fill out the BIO data on the system. 
  • Make preferences for your Choices of the fields of study programs and the institutions you want to study. You are allowed to make fives choices. 
  • Later, if you decide to make changes in the CHOICES, you can login and alter it. 
  • Logout of the system after use. 
System requirement : Any device that can connect to the internet (example: Phones, Computers , tablets etc). 

What is NOAS Grace Period? 

The NOAS Grace Period is the time allocated for students to go through their Choices in the NOAS before the system shuts down for tertiary selections.  This is usually a period of one week. 

Grace Period:  12th – 15th of December 2023.

What must Grade 12 students do during the Grace Period? 

  • Students must  login to the Grade 12 Examination Results website  run by the Education Department and view the Examination Results ( view here how to access Grade 12 Examination Results. 
  • Calculate the GPA (Check here on how to Calculate GPA)  of your examination results. 
  • If you have required GPA for programs offered by tertiary institutions, cross over to NOAS application and login with the details provided by the DHERST. 
  • Make changes if necessary to your Choices  in the NOAS based on your GPA. 

Note:  Students are strongly reminded to access your NOAS accounts during the grace period which will eventuate on the 12th – 15th of December 2023. This is a crucial period where you will start making your choices based on your final grade 12 results hence make sure to access your account during the mentioned dates.

Important Notice 

 If you see red highlight indicated in any of your five choices under “My Choices”, this means that your final result has not met the minimum program requirement set by the institution. Therefore, you must change the red highlighted choice to a different program that is available in your program list.

If you continue to have red highlight even you made changes to your Choices, consider yourself unsuccessful. This means you have not met the required GPA to enter any tertiary institutions in PNG. The only hope is to enrol at FODE centers to upgrade your marks. 

If you do not see Institutions :  Colleges & Universities  listed as options in your NOAS account, you have not met the requirements of those institutions. 

When you met the  the Requirements

  • If you have a green light in your NOAS account, you are eligible for the program you applied to the institution. 
  • If you do not see any colour (either red or green), you are still eligible for the courses applied to the institution. 
If  you did not meet the Requirement
  • Red light in your NOAS account choices (thus you need to change your choices)
  • Institutions not found in the NOAS account means you did not meet their requirements
  • If you are unable to make changes in your NOAS account (you are not eligible of any programs)

NOTE: NOAS does not display your final grades and GPA. If you wish to view your final results during the grace period, visit MSD’s website For further assistance, do check MSD, your school principal or subject teachers to assist you.

If you are located in a remote area, you are strongly advised to move to an area where there is good network coverage two days prior to the grace period. This is to avoid the situation of you missing the grace period. Please note that grace period dates will remain as it is.

Important Dates

  • August, 2023   Monday 28th - DHERST issues invitation letter for new Secondary Schools
  • August- Friday 08th December, 2023 - Principal issues students NOAS invitation letter
  • Monday 16th –Friday 20th - Student begin NOAS application period
  • October, 2023 - Tuesday 12th - Grade 12 National Examination
  • December- Friday 15th December, 2023 -NOAS Grace period
  • Thursday 21st December, 2023 - Launching of 2023 Selection for 2024 academic year Monday 28th
  • Saturday 23rd December, 2023 -  Publication of 2023 Selection list for  2024 academic year admission

Should you have any further queries or need clarification regarding your NOAS account or application, contact 301 2000 or email to

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