Eight University of PNG Students receive Industrial Training Certificates from Newcrest Mining

 Eight students from the University of Papua New Guinea received their Industrial Training certificates from Newcrest Lihir after completing an eight-week mid-semester Industrial Training program recently.

The third-year students - Dale Konae, Daniel Wamaingu, Geses Agua, Jerethy Rapenda, Jonathan Kaul, Nemaiah Sebastian, Steward Giko and Violet Mcmiul - are among 23 students from UPNG’s Earth Science department trained under the program since its inception in 2021.

Eight University of PNG Students receive Industrial Training Certicates from Newcrest Mining [Photo supplied]

This work experience and professional development opportunity allowed the students to gain valuable industrial work exposure and enhanced safety skills. Senior staff from Lihir’s Mine Technical Services Department supervised and mentored them during the training engagement.

UPNG Earth Science Department Divisional Head, Dr Joseph Espi, highlighted in his appreciation remarks that industrial work exposure is an integral component of the university’s Undergraduate Earth Science Degree Program,

saying programs and training opportunities provided by corporate organisations and world-class mining companies such as Newcrest Mining Lihir’s Young Talent program play an important role in developing young Papua New Guineans.

Dr Espi thanked Newcrest Mining for its continuous support and partnership in empowering earth science students from UPNG through on-the-job experience.

Newcrest Lihir’s Human Resources Manager, Alex Rogea, said UPNG’s Earth Science Department had been the main talent source for Lihir’s geologists’ talent pipeline since the inception of the Lihir Mine Project.

He thanked Dr Espi and the university for the partnership, which enables students to gain the necessary exposure required to set them up for success when transitioning into the industry.

“Apart from the technical exposure in mining, we also provide students with the opportunity to learn and develop skills in time management, teamwork, presentation and in building self-confidence. These are necessary to build our future leaders,”

Furthermore, Mr Rogea extended his gratitude to Lihir’s Mine Technical Services team leaders for their commitment in developing the young PNG talent in the Technical Expertise of Geology in Mining.

“With your support and guidance, the students are well placed to successfully complete university studies and transition into the industry,” he said.

Newcrest Country Manager, Stanley Kome Komunt, congratulated the eight students for choosing Newcrest Lihir as their ideal place to learn and develop skills.

“With Newcrest being one of the largest gold mining companies in the world and with Lihir being the largest

mine in Papua New Guinea, it’s a great learning place for young talent to build their career,” he said.

Mr Komunt added that Newcrest Mining supports PNGs priority to develop healthy, educated, and skilled people.

“The partnership between UPNG’s Earth Science and Newcrest will go a long way in building the country’s human resources as stipulated in Papua New Guinea’s Vision 2050,” he said.


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