Top Performing Schools in PNG in 2022

 The Papua New Guinea Education Department has announced the top performing Schools in the country. The Schools were ranking according to their performance in the Grade 10 and 12 National Examinations. The Mean Rating Index (MRI) was used to rank the Schools. 

MRI is the  Total Number of A grades, B grades and C grades divided by the total number of students in each school. It  is measured in percentage. 

Formula =   (Total Numbers of As, Bs, C grades ) / ( total number of students of a school)  x 100%

The 2022 National Examination results showed many new schools performed better. Below are the top 10 schools according to their Grade 10 and 12 MRI for both private and system schools . 

Marianville Secondary School has done it again. The school is ranked the top performing school in the country for Grade 12 National Examinations. St Gabriel Technical Secondary School takes the second spot. 

Passam tops the  School of Excellence in the country.  

Top Performing  Schools in Grade 12 in 2022   

System Schools 

  1. Marianville Secondary School 
  2. St Gabriels Technical Secondary School 
  3. Paglum SDA Secondary 
  4. St Ignatius Secondary School 
  5. Mt Hagen Secondary School 
  6. Ialibu Secondary School 
  7. Lihir Secondary School 
  8. Brandi Secondary School 
  9. Cameron Secondary School 
  10. Kagua Secondary School 

School of Excellence Ranking 

  1. Passam School of Excellence
  2. Kerevath School of Excellence
  3. Port Moresby School of Excellence
  4. Warwin School  of Excellence
  5. Sogeri School of Excellence
  6. Aiyura School of Excellence

Private Schools - Grade 12 

  1. PNG Paradise College
  2. St Josephs International 
  3. OLSH International 
  4. Port Moresby Grammar
  5. Goroka Grammar
  6. OLSH Vunapope International 

Top Performing Schools Grade 10

  1. St Charles Lwuanga Secondary School 
  2. Busu Secondary School 
  3. Anditale High School 
  4. Marianville Secondary School 
  5. Cameron Secondary School 
  6. De la Salle Secondary School 
  7. Oksamin Secondary School 
  8. Mercy Yarapos Secondary School 
  9. St Ignatius Secondary School 

Private School Schools - Grade 10 

  1. PNG Paradise College 
  2. OLSH New Ireland
  3. St Joseph's International College
  4. Hagi International 
  5. Lihir International 
  6. Kopkop College
  7. Tengai International 
  8. Sunrise International Battle Christian International 
  9. Highland Lutheran International 
  10. Kimbe International 

The Education Secretary Dr. Uke Kombra congratulated the top performing schools in the country while launching the examination results online. 

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