Family Struggle, Losing Father to Becoming a Doctor

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Growing up in Malaita, Solomon Islands, life was not easy. My parents were not working class and as a kid growing up, we never had much. 

I remember those times I usually get teased in school for wearing my dad's sweaty and stinky shirt. 

I had no choice but to soak it all in.

 Because that long shirt would act as both my shirt and trousers covering me down to my knees. 

It was painful when other students laughed at me. 

It was even painful when others looked down on me, my siblings and my family. 

For that, we had to live away from everyone else.

 Even our house is not that expensive and didn't have a door. Any robber would just walk in and take anything. They never even do that because they knew we had nothing of value. 

Despite all the challenges, my dad kept encouraging me to work hard in school. He advices me to look beyond the current circumstances and fight for a brighter future. My dad told me that only education would be my way out. 

My dad is my hero. 

Every time I put my head down in school, I think of him. I always dream of the good things I will do to him if I succeed in my education.  

As I was climbing up in my educational journey, I got a tragic news from while in Honiara.

 My dad was in a serious illness condition in the village. I had no time to waste. I got on the plane and flew to Malaita. As I arrived, I rushed in to check up on him.  Little did I know those the last moments with him.

I held him as he was lying down on my hand. Before I knew it, he was gone.

 Just like that. 

I broke down in tears. I couldn't help him at that time. That moment alone broke me. It shattered me like broken pieces of glass that cannot be restored. 

I cried and cried but my tears could not bring my father back. I had to accept the fact that I would have to now live on without a father.

I wanted to just give up. 

But then, I remembered dad's advice to keep pursuing my dreams. 

I got back up from that broken moment and kept pursuing my education.  

I manage to win a scholarship from the New Zealand Government and with the help of the Solomon Island Government, I came to study Medicine in Papua New Guinea. 

Thank God, I managed to finish my studies becoming a doctor. 


Sadly, my dad is not around anymore to enjoy my success with me. 

I really wanted to repay him for his sweaty stinky shirt that I use to wear to school in my younger days.

 But all I have now is an empty chair.

All I can do now is continue to save other people's lives in the hospital. All in remembrance of my dad that I couldn't help at that time.  

What is your advice to young people facing struggle today? I asked him. 

"No matter what pains and challenges you face, keep putting God first and never give up on your dreams," He answered softly. 

This is the story of Dr. Chris Diau. 

Dr. Diau completed his residency in Vunapope Hospital in East New Britain province where he shared the story with me. I asked him if I could share the story with you all, and he agreed with the simple words: 

"Bro, if you think it's going to help young people then just do it."


Nothing is impossible. If you believe in the beauty of your dreams, no barriers can stop you. Keep pressing on. The past has gone but the future is yours to conquer. 

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Glen Burua is a Motivational Author and a writer based in Papua New Guinea. 

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