PNG Soldier's 11 year Journey to University of Technology

 By Deve 

They say, "if opportunity doesn't come, build a door." This PNGDF officer did not let anything deviate him from his goal. 

Completed his grade 12 in 2007 at Sogeri National High School. Applied to UOT but unfortunately was not accepted. He Upgraded at Pims DODL in 2008 and reapplied and this time, got accepted to POLY Tech in 2009 to do Diploma in Electrical (Electronics). However, he failed one of the courses and did not completed his final year, so in 2010 2nd semester, he was discontinued. 

But he never gave up. His father always told him not to give up in anything he has passion for. But since he failed again this time, he felt it's better he support and sustain himself and ease the accumulating financial burdens his father was going through. He figured he should stand on his own and pursue other jobs to prepare himself to complete his Schooling so he did that and on the 01/24/2012,  joined PNGDF and completed his 6 months basic course and was posted to Engineering Battalion Igam Barracks. 

After 3 years of serving the force he went on and completed his Diploma in Polytech and graduated in 2014. In 20018 after 6 yeas in the force he again went onto proper channel in PNGDF to apply for Civil Schooling at Papua New Guinea University Of Technology.

Through hard work and sheer determination, after 11 years, his dream came through. He graduated with a bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering. 

He would like to encourage all the young and aspiring Papua New Guineans to never give up on their dreams.


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