Pacific Adventist University PAU Online School Fee Payment System

 The Pacific Adventist University (PAU) has introduced online school fee payment system. New and current students  can now easily pay school fees online. You do not need to go to the banks and wait long hours to be served. Now you can simply use your mobile phones or computers to pay for your school fees. 

The Pacific Adventist University Fees can now be paid using the following systems

  • SMS Mobile Banking
  • VISA card or Credit Cards
  • BSP Pay

SMS Mobile Banking
Students can use SMS Mobile Banking to pay for fees to study at Pacific Adventist University

The PAU Merchant Code is : 50041

Online Payment System.
To pay schools fees online to study at PAU, you need the following
  • VISA Card or Credit Cards
  • BSP Pay

  • Enter the amount that you were invoiced, then click on the ‘Next’ button.
  • You will proceed to the ‘View Cart’ page. 
  • Please fill in the additional information before confirming your choice of payment.
  • Pay either by VISA Card/Credit Card or BSP Pay
  • Click Place order 

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