Tool Boy to Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

 By Jeremaih Maggiu

I would like to share my dad's story with you all because I believe he's story can bless and inspire our upcoming future generations.

This is a story of Harry Maggiu 

Mr Harry Maggiu is from Central Province, Abau District, Gavuone Village.  He started his educational journey with Gavuone Community School completing his grade 1-6.

Mr Harry Maggiu
Mr Harry Maggiu

After completing his primary education, he then was selected to Kupiano high school to continue his education to do his grade 7 but unfortunately due to financial difficulties he didn't continue his studies.

In 1988 he attended Caprondey Vocation Center and got his certificate for carpentry. He started his career as a jointary capenter with Helu Builders Limited and worked with the firm for two years.

In 1992 he got employed with Pacific Helicopters as a cleaner and a tool boy. Three years later, he got promoted to work in the overhaul shop as a Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and that's when he started gaining his AME experience.

In 1999 - 2006 he become the overhauling supervisor. He worked with Pacific Helicopters for 12 years and later left them and joined Helifix Operation Limited at the end of 2006.

After 8 years of working with Helifix Operation Limited, in 2014 he finally got his Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License.

From 2006 till today, he is still working with Helifix Operation Limited (15 years).

He doesn't have a grade 10 and grade 12 certificate or even a diploma, degree, masters and PHD but he is a LAME.

Alot has happen along the way but God has being there every step of the way.

Based on his story, I want to highlight some lessons that can be learnt.

Every year, alot of students do not make it to grade 9, grade 11, Universities and Colleges. Many think it's the end now.

There are alot of ways to become successful. For example, If I want to go to 4mile, I can get on a PMV bus, pay for a taxi or even walk. When it comes to education. It's the same. You can graduate with a diploma, degree, masters or PHD, but you'll still work your way up earning your dream job one fine day.

Failure doesn't mean you are a failure. It just means you haven't succeeded yet.

Sometimes many graduands do not start their career paths according to their field of study and interest.

Regardless of what type of job we may get in the future, a job is a job.

It's all about :





that will enable us to excel and gain more experience.

Believe in yourself and be positive always. Never lose hope.

Therefore, I hope this story can motivate our future generation.

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