University of Papua New Guinea Fee Structure for 2022 Academic Year

 The University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) has announced the Tuition Fee structure for academic year 2022.

The Fee Structure below is for 

  • Undergraduate/Honors  PNG Students
  • Undergraduate /Honors International students 
  • Post Graduate / Masters/ PhD

Notes on Fees

1. New Students.

1.1 The Compulsory Fee for PNG Citizens has changed, but that fee for South Pacific and other international Undergraduate students will remain the  same as in 2021.

1.2 Compulsory Fees payable by Postgraduate Students and International  Students, including South Pacific Students and dependents of UPNG

Expatriate Staff, will also remain the same as in 2021. This does not include  residential, service charges, administrative, or SRC fees, which are paid as  additional fees.

1.3 All new students who have been selected to study at the UPNG will receive  a Letter of Offer and an Invoice for the payment of the Compulsory Fees, in full, by Friday 4 February 2022.

1.4 New students must pay the Compulsory Fees, in full, by Friday 4 February  2022 to avoid the automatic withdrawal of your offer and place at the University.

1.5 Online and blended learning is now a requirement, so all new students who  have been selected to study at UPNG must come with your own laptop. Full, upfront payment can be made at the University during registration.

2. New and Continuing Students

2.1 Fees payable by students on TESAS Scholarships may be adjusted, based  on the level of subsidy specified by the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science, and Technology (DHERST) under TESAS.

2.2 Please note that accommodation on campus is not guaranteed. The allocation of available rooms in the halls of residence is subject to full payment of  the compulsory fees prior to completion of the Online Application Form  for accommodation. Upon successful acceptance of each application for accommodation, respective students and their sponsors must pay at least  50% of the Board & Lodging fees by Wednesday 16 February 2022. If you  require accommodation upon your arrival on campus, you must pay, in full,  the compulsory fees, and at least 50% of the prescribed accommodation  fees, as advised, prior to taking occupancy of your room on arrival.

2.3 The refundable Security Bond fee of K250.00 must be paid by all first-time residential students before occupying their allocated rooms.

3. Continuing Students

3.1 All Continuing students are advised to email or call  3267321/3267604/3267249. The Proforma Invoice is for the full payment of the Compulsory Fees by Friday 4 February 2022. No lesser fee receipts  will be accepted during registration for 2022. Any queries concerning your Proforma invoice please email or call


3.2 Any continuing students who fail to meet the minimum GPA requirements for progression into the next year of his/her studies MUST NOT RETURN to  the University in 2022. If you are unsure of your status, please contact your  respective School office immediately.

3.3 Students are fully responsible for the payment of outstanding fees that have not been paid by their respective sponsors from previous years, including 2021.

3.4 Student debtors will only be allowed to register, if all outstanding debts  accumulated up to, and including 2021, plus the Compulsory Fees for 2022  are paid IN FULL by Friday 4 February 2022. Otherwise, DO NOT RETURN to the University.

3.5 No Letter of Guarantee will be accepted as a requirement for students to  register. All fees must be paid in full, by the required deadlines in order to  register.

4. Payments

4.1 All fees must be paid electronically to “UPNG TUITION FEE ACCOUNT  NO.: 1000584013; BSP; WAIGANI BRANCH”. The details of such electronic  payments will be made available on the University website: <> in the near future.

4.2 Any bank fees charged for individual deposits will be recovered by the University.

4.3 Any overpayment of fees will be returned to sponsors, less administrative  charges. To avoid administrative charges, sponsors are advised to contact  the Deputy Registrar, Academic, on email or call 3267321/3267604/3267249 prior to making payments.

4.4 The compulsory fees of K3,115.00 for Waigani Campus, and for most  undergraduate programs that are offered by the University have all been approved by the University Council.



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