Despite all odds, Michelle Strives in once male dominated field and attains her degree

This is a story of  Michelle Zuke who has fought back hardships in her struggles  to attain her degree in Civil Engineering at the Papua New Guinea University of Technology PNGUNITECH. 

Michelle says, studying in fields dominated by men (Civil Engineering at PNG University of Technology) is a bit challenging . 

Michelle Zuke 

''I failed twice in my first year 2015 & 2016 at the University of Technology .  I  withdrew in my second year due to lack of financial support in 2017. In  2018 Michelle re-enrolled again and  studied 9 subjects because  she was  re-carry a first year subjects''. 

"I lost my big brother in the mids of my semester one third year exam in 2019 and I cried while studying for my exams but I didn't give up too easily and letting my circumstances to overcome me. 

Instead I fought hard and it's exactly one month ago (June 17, 2022) where I gained what I fought for (Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Technology). 

Thanking God that he always open doors when we think we have no way ahead and we are surrounded by mountains and walls. My God never leaves me"

This story may inspire others who go through similar hardships.   There is a saying goes...At the end of the tunnel there is light...

Keep striving hard ! 

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