Students thank PNGNRI for the opportunity given

 Seven students from the University of Papua New Guinea have thanked Papua New Guinea National Research Institute (NRI) for giving them the opportunity to do their industrial training in order to graduate next week.

The Journalism and Public Relations students were attached to the institute for their Public Relations Practice as part of their assessment for 13 weeks.

Students thank PNGNRI for the opportunity given 

During their farewell ceremony (Tuesday 11 April 2023), student representative Joachim Lolok said PNGNRI was the kind of  organisation they would love to work with.“We have done training with other organisations and this (PNGNRI) is the best so  far,” he said.

PNGNRI Director Dr Osborne Sanida congratulated the students for completing their industrial training and wish them the  best in their future endeavors. “In here we operate on research policy and practice based on our motto of inquire, inform and influence.

“Inquiring is where we do our research and analysis, informing is where we take the information to those who may use the  information and influence is how we convince someone to use the information.”

Dr Sanida said although it’s PNGNRI’s motto, it applies generally to any organisation “especially if you want to use the information for informed decision making. “I hope you have learned something during your short time with us.

“On behalf of the council, management and staff, we are happy that we have assisted you to be able to achieve what you have  to achieve.”

Dr Sanida told the students that there are equal opportunities in the institute so, when and if there are vacancies in the future,  they are welcome to apply.

He said this institute belongs to all of us. “We are here as custodians trying to do as best as we can.”

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