PNG plans to digitalise higher education sector

Papua New Guinea is planning to digitalize the higher education sector to create sustainable economic growth, says the country's  Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology Minister Don Polye.

He said during a University of Papua New Guinea graduation ceremony in Port Moresby  that he planned to digitalise all higher education institutions “to ensure the technology can be used to empower schools to create sustainable economic growth in PNG”.

He said he wanted to see graduates work not only in PNG but anywhere else in the world with the qualifications they had.

“Digital applications and new education technology help students find jobs, accelerate their learning, understand difficult concepts, promote research, pass exams, and gain online degrees,” he said.

He urged the graduating students to overcome challenges in the world to live a better life.

University vice-chancellor Professor Frank Griffin said despite the national pandemic in 2019 and 2020, students had the adaptability and flexibility to learn on various digital platforms.

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