PNG Police Recruitments, Entry Requirements and Application Forms

 The Papua New Guinea (PNG) Police recruitment is a process by where Grade 12 School leavers or Non School leavers who completed relevant level of education are recruited, trained and admitted to the Papua New Guinea Police Constabulary.

This follows, the government of PNG moves to recruit police cadets through the normal school leavers system annually. 

PNG Police Recruitments, Entry Requirements and Application Forms
PNG Police Recruitments,
Entry Requirements and
Application Forms 

All police recruitments are now going to go through the normal school leavers applications both online and offline that are facilitated by the PNG's Department of Higher Education, Research, Science & Technology (DHERST). The online system is now called the National Online Application System (NOAS).

How School leavers can apply for Police Recruitment in PNG through the NOAS 

Grade 12 students who wish to join the PNG Police Force can apply through the normal school leavers forms (online version is NOAS). Simply follow the steps below.

  1. Login into your NOAS account
  2. Selection Police Recruitments  as your first choice
Note: This way of police recruitments is in the process of implementation and may not happen this year.

Basically, the police recruitments  occurs in two categories. These are

  1.  regular recruitments 
  2. Direct Entry Cadets.

  • Regular Police Recruitments

This is where about 500 regular recruitments of Police cadets  are recruited. The recruitments are  done across the country with training taking  place at Bomana Police College in Port Moresby.

Eligibility Criteria of PNG Police Recruits

The cadets must 
  • be 18 - 25 years old
  • have completed Grade 12 level of education 
  • have sound English Speaking and writing skills
  • unmarried

Regular Recruit Training Package

  • 6 months regular recruitment training program
  • 3 months attachment in the NCD Command
  • Graduate as Probationary constable -
  • Competency Acquisition Program (15 months supervised practical policing  duties) 
  • Complete CAP and become constable

What is expected from the recruits
  • The Police Oath of Service
  • Three years mining service
  • Deployment to any posting in PNG 

2. Direct Entry Recruitments 

As the changes in Government policies in police recruitments and training, there will be about 60 direct entry recruits.  This group of recruits may take up to three years residential training.  The training program will include the following

  • 6 months regular recruit training 
  • 6 months policing attachment in NCd
  • 3 months Law & Prosecution training 
  • overseas police attachment 
  • 3 months command &  training essential course

What is expected from the recruits
  • The Police Oath of Service
  • Ten (10) years mining service
  • Deployment to any posting in PNG 

Careers in PNG Police Force

There are rewarding careers in the PNG Police Force. Recruits can apply for the following  careers after completion of the training.  

  • Careers in the PNG Police Force
  • Public Safety Officer
  • Detective
  • Close Protection officer
  • Dog Handler
  • Maritime Officer 
  • Air Wing officer
  • Anti-Fraud & Corruption investigator 
  • Community Policing Officer
  • Traffic & Highway Patrol Officers

The Application Forms for Police Recruitments

Applications are now open. The Police Department has engaged PNGjobSeekers agent to do the application forms collections and recruitment.  Download the Application Forms on the Links Below.

Download Police Recruitment Application Forms 

Fill out the forms and upload on the PNGJOBSEEK.COM website under apply button 

How to apply for PNG Police Recruitments

 All applications must be made by clicking on the “Apply Now” button on the PNGjobseekers website.

 Download and Upload the completed application form & your CV in one file. Your application must be received by the midday on Friday, 20 January 2023. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Interested students who wish to join the police force can write to the Police Recruitments & Training 
 on the following address to seek application forms and further informatioin.

Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary
Police Headquarters
P O Box  85
Papua New Guinea
Phone:  322 6100 /321 1222
Fax: 322 6113

Note: Check this page again, we will upload the application forms when they are ready

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